dj xclusive

About DJ Xclusve Scandinavia.

DJ Xclusive Scandinavia is created to fulfil a need for new music out on the dance floor in Scandinavia. To get access to all the new music we work together with Radio Exclusive - world's leading radio music provider. Our music is official promotional material, provided by almost every record labels in the world.

For professional DJ use only.


We will provide our members with 6 CD compilations a month, 4 Dance compilations (one Dance compilation every week) and 2 Urban compilations (one Urban compilation every other week). Each week we deliver 4-10 additional on-line bonus tracks and remixes. Check out our latest releases.


Every release will stay for 3 weeks and can be accessed on-line 24/7/365 through the Members Area. All tracks are released in high quality (up to 320kbps) burnable MP3 format stored on highly redundant clustered servers connected to a fast and reliable gigabit Internet connection.


Tracks can be delivered, on-line, on CD or both.


Is there a song you don't have? Let us know and we may be able to provide it to you.